About the Artist


Working as a guide for an adventure youth camp in the High Sierra gave me a profound appreciation for wilderness, and the life changing moments that are created by simply spending  time in a world mostly unchanged by the human hand. Like so many others, I found myself moved and challenged in ways that were hard to describe, and from these moments, a life-long passion for wild areas--and the preservation of of those areas--was born. This love of wilderness has remained a central part of who I am as a person for almost three decades. In that time, I have found that photography has provided a means to share some of what I experience with others.

Perhaps unconventionally, I choose to share an image only if it communicates the deepest emotions of the moment. Often I return many times to a single location in order to capture “the” image, at the sacrifice of visiting many places briefly. And so, visitors won’t find my gallery packed full of thousands of images from hundreds of locations. Instead, they will find fewer images, each unique in it’s own beauty, capturing the essence of the place it was taken at the very finest moment.

Thank you for taking the time to view my gallery. I hope that what you see will move you as deeply as it has me, and that you are truly inspired by the undeniable beauty of wilderness.


Each of the images presented in my gallery are available for purchase as a fine art print or glicee canvas print. Each print is carefully reviewed to ensure that it meets my extremely high standards for color accuracy and sharpness, signed, and then shipped with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the print, you may return it for a complete refund.

The dimensions provided when ordering are approximate, and represent the dimensions of the print itself. A one to two inch white border is provided for ease of framing. For various reasons, including the camera being used, lens being used, and field conditions during the shot, not all images are offered at all sizes. I do have some flexibility however, and will gladly work with you if you require custom sizing for an image.
Prices for all prints include shipping within the continental United States. Please allow 4 – 6 weeks for delivery. If you need your print faster, please contact me for “rush” shipping time and cost. If you would like a print shipped to an address outside of the continental US, please use the contact page, and specify the print you would like, as well as the city and country you would like the image shipped to. I can then provide a custom total cost for the shipment.

Fine Art Prints:
Each fine art print is reproduced using the latest archival inks and paper materials. Properly protected behind standard archival framing glass, you can expect the colors of your print to remain perfectly vibrant for at least 50 years.

Canvas Glicee Prints:
Printing on canvas provides a unique experience for the viewer. Due to the nature of the canvas material, the print often has a “painterly” look to it. Because of this, these images can be printed much larger than typical prints, with no loss of artistic quality or color vibrancy.
Each canvas glicee print is reproduced on water-resistant acid-free canvas using the latest archival inks. The print is UV coated, and may be hung out of direct sunlight without framing if desired. You can expect the colors of your canvas print to remain perfectly vibrant for at least 35 years hung in this fashion.

Canvas prints can be hung in several ways. First, they can be treated like a fine art print, and be matted and framed behind glass. Or, they can be stretched gallery style, then hung directly without any other materials. Finally, they can be stretched museum style, then framed without matting or glass. If you are not familiar with canvas stretching techniques, I would recommend finding a local artist or framing supply store that can provide that service. I am also very happy to provide this service for any canvas image (local pickup only).

Photographic Services:
I am available for special projects such as advertising, marketing, internet and magazine publications, etc.  I specialize in landscape scenes (property, natural resources, etc.), and can also capture commercial, architectural, structural, and interior subjects.
"Art for a Cause" Program:
Through this program, I contribute a percentage of my sales to local outreach programs that are giving back to Oregon communities.  I do this by connecting a great local art venue (cafe, library, brew pub, restaurant, etc) and the outreach program to my moving art show.  The outreach program receives anywhere from 15% to 25% of the proceeds of the sale.  We have partnered with Candlelighters, Mustard Seed Missions, Friends of the Library, the Boys and Girls Club, and others.  If you have a program that you think would benefit from this type of fundraising, please contact me.  We are always looking for new venues and outreach partners! 
Corporate Services:
I provide significant discounts on large orders for corporate and business clients, including interior decorators and art supply galleries, offices and industrial buildings. Stretching of canvas and/or framing services can also be provided at a reduced cost.
Web Design:
In addition to landscape and commercial photography, I offer web design services at reasonable, cost effective rates.  Whether you are looking for a basic site to give your business a web presence, or you require a fully developed site with versitile administrative backend, I can work closely with you to create a dynamic site that meets your exact needs.
For more information about these services, please contact me with the requirements of your project.